Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gulf Breeze Christmas Parade

There were two parades going on today that we really wanted to go to. This morning we started off by going to the Gulf Breeze Parade. It is short and sweet. The have a few floats, our G.B. High School Band, some dance schools, horses... the Gulf Breeze sized parade. The kids love it because it isn't crowded, and they throw tons of candy... Halloween all over again! And I'm talkin the good stuff. Oh yeah and tons of beads too. I don't like beads though. They go straight into my trash can.

The kids enjoying the band.

After a while I noticed that Tristan wasn't hanging out by the road, smart kid. He was posted up in the back of the car eating an Airhead.

Cayden puting on some beads he just caught.

Tristan loved the Santa doll a guy threw to him. He ran and picked it up gave it a big hug. He loved the candy he was eating more though. He wouldn't stop eating to take the picture.
And... there he is. Why does Santa always ride on the Fire Truck?

We had a great time at the Gulf Breeze parade. We appreciate it more after going to Pensacola's. Good Ol' Gulf Breeze.

Pensacola Christmas Parade

Tonight we went to Pensacola's Christmas parade. It was okay. There was a lot more bands and floats, but the candy was no good. And you know that's all the kids cared about. Especially after Gulf Breeze's Parade. We were there for 2 hours and there was still more parade to come. Sadie was ready to leave after about an 1 1/2, I am suprised she made it 30 more minutes peacefully. :)
We tried to get a group picture, but that's like pulling teeth.
Mr. Photogenic.
Where Tristan hung out all night.
Cayden's favorite part of the parade. I guess Pens. has a Star Wars Club or somethin. It's blurry and orange cause I hate using my flash.
All together, we had a pretty good day. Come on Christmas! We are ready!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Family Pictures

Yesterday and Sunday we went to take some family pictures for our Christmas cards. And I guess it is a three year old thing, but Tristan was not having it. But at least he agreed to be in the pictures. Right?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

At the Park

Yesterday we met Sadie's best friend from school, Sanaa, and her mom and baby sis at the park. And the kids had a blast.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Treasure Hunt

A week or so ago Cayden made a fall scavenger hunt list, and so last night while Tim was a work we went out to find all the the things he had written down. The kids had fun, even though I made them stand still for a picture together. We found all 20 things on the list, even though I think Cayden cheated. Acorn was on the list and even though there are no Oak trees around he claims he found one. He didn't want to go home until we found everything, so I allowed the cheating... just this once.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My boys

My sweet boys:
Cayden picking flowers, which he gave to me. They made my kitchen table beautiful. Thank you, Cayden. May you always stay this thoughtful.
Tristan riding his trike. He is getting quite speedy on this thing. He loves to dress up and I love that he does. It's so cute!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Football Party

This past weekend we had our end of the year Football Team Party. We had it at a resturaunt on the beach called "Flounders". The weather was perfect. We had a great lunch. It was fun.
Here is Cayden with his trophy and his award. He was awarded the Toughest Tackler.
Here is the team. In the picture above, Cayden is second to the left, with his best friend on the team, Jimmy, on the right.
And playing a game of beach volleyball. (he's #33)

Trick or Treating

This year we went Trick or Treating in Ft. Walton. Tim's secretary wanted us to bring the kids by her house and then we went to a neighborhood to trick or treat over there.
Cayden LOVES Indiana Jones, so that's what he wanted to be. See him cracking his whip we made?
Cayden wore this clown costume when he was 2 years old and Tristan loves it. Cayden didn't have this cool wig to wear though.
You have already seen Sadie in her Princess dress, but here she is again on Halloween Night.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Sadie picked her Halloween costume today. She just had to have this Sleeping Beauty dress.


Our friends introduced us to a game a few weeks back we had never heard of before. It's called sequence. It's a card/board game. You hold 7 cards in your hand, those cards are scattered around the board and the goal is to get five in a row, twice. It's very simple to learn and we love it.
Sadie contemplating her next move. She got that she was supposed to look for the cards that were in her hand, but forgot to try for 5 in a row. But, Cayden? Oh, he got it. He is smiling in this picture, because he beat Tim and me this round. Go Cayden, Go Cayden! *notice him laying his fifth chip for a diagonal win*

Baby Ame

My super cute niece, Ame, came (along with the rest of the family) to Cayden's football game on Saturday. Isn't she adorable?
I LOVE her expression in this picture. I wish she was here so I could pinch her chubby little cheeks and give her a big squeeze.

Friday, October 17, 2008

T got a Haircut

I loved Tristan's long hair, but it was starting to get too long in the back. Kinda mullet-ish. And plus he is always having to push his bangs out of his eyes. So:

I am really liking the after. He looks like a totally different kid. Cute, even with that silly face he's making!


Yesterday Sadie was running around with her Ballet Leotard on and I think she might have had it backwards. Good thing she had undies on :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Cole Bros. Circus

On October 4th we went to the circus and Aunt Leslie was in town, so she came too! It was pretty good. I was surprised.
The first act was these 3 guys on their motorcycle. First there was one guy and he was going around in this thing and going upside down. I was okay with that. Then another guy went in and that started freaking me out. Then a 3rd guy went in and I thought my heart was going to stop beating. The slightest goof up from one of the guys would be serious for all 3. It was crazy. And then it seperated. AGH!

This guy had some major balance skills. At one point in time he was running on the outside of it and jump up real high and landing on it. He lost his balance one time after he jumped, but landed okay.

The trapeze was just okay. It left me wanting more. They did about a 5 minute show, but this guy flying in the air spent about 3 of those minutes chalking up his hands before any stunt he did.

The Landing

On October 4th we went to the Landing. A beautiful park in Fort Walton Beach. It's right on the Sound and the wind is always blowing. It is gorgeous! We went there to pass some time before the Circus began.

Tim and the kids were having an acorn war and right after I took this picture, I got pelted.

We have a Blog!!!

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