Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of School

Monday was the first day of school. Sadie is in Kindergarten and Cayden is in 2nd grade at West Navarre Primary School. They were super excited, i was super nervous cause Sadie seems so little to me still... I need to realize she's a big girl. :(
Sadie with her teacher, Mrs. Weaver. She was actually Cayden's Kindergarten teacher too. She just happened to get Sadie this year and I couldn't be happier about it. We love her.
Cayden with his teacher, Mrs. Rose. She seems like a really fun teacher. He already likes her a lot.
My poor T baby was sick on his first day of Pre-K, so he had to stay home. He slept from 10:00am to 5:30pm and was awake for about 30 mins around 1:00. I couldn't believe how much he slept.
They ran home off the bus. They loved their first day of school.
Tristan's first official day of school. He felt much better on Tuesday.
T with his teacher, Ms. Myra. I wonder if she knows at that moment how much she's going to have her hands full. mwah hahahaha... :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

H and S's Engagements

Yesterday I got to take some Engagement pictures for my friend at work and her soon to be hubby. I had a great time and got in some good practice.

Baby E

This past Monday I got to babysit this adorable little boy, and I figured i'd practice my photog skills and took pics of him. He is such a good baby.

Future UFC fighter with those fists.

Sleeping babies are so sweet.
My favorite.
I love his eyebrow in this one. He reminds me of his daddy with that expression.
Baby E, I will babysit you anytime.

River Fun

This past weekend we went with some friends to his dad's house on the river and had a blast. We swung on the rope swing, swam, jumped off the dock, Kayaked, rode in the boat, ate good food, and enjoyed some good friends. Great day.
It took T a minute to get into the swing of things. He's usually the first to jump in, but it took a little force and then he was all for it.

Sadie loved it though.

This "house" cracked me up. Only in Alabama. :) (j/k)
Sadie loved the Kayak. I did too as a matter of fact. Just don't have a picture to prove it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sadie's Pre-K Graduation

Sadie had her Pre-K graduation today. It was very cute. They sang three songs. The Days of the Week, The Months of the Year, and The World is a Rainbow. After that they called them all up to get their diplomas and then tossed their caps. It was adorable.
Sadie sat by the door and handed out the programs.
Singing one of their songs.
Diploma time.
She's so cute.
The cap toss.
Sadie, Ava, Chloe, and Christina
Sadie and Garrin. (she thinks he is cute)
Sadie with Ms. Addie (left) and Ms. Janet (right), her teachers.
A cute one of Tim with his Pineapple

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Field Day, First Track Meet, and in between

Cayden has had quite a bit going on lately. He had field day one week and his first and only track meet the next. So, here we go.
Field Day:
First they started off with a prediction run. The class predicts how many laps they can run as a whole and which ever class is closest to their number wins. Cayden's class precited 87? i think and they ran 112... they were pretty far off, but they ran the most laps out of all the classes competing at that time.

Cayden with some of the boys in his class.

He fell being goofy and scraped his knee.

After the prediction run they had free time and were able to buy popsicles for a quarter. Tristan joined in on the fun.

After free time and lunch they had relay races.

Cayden doing the egg relay.

The marble relay. They had to hop on one foot to the marbles, pick one up with their toes, and hop back. cute

This is the in between... Tristan is really into Batman and Superman right now. Mostly Batman because he has this mask. His Batman costume consists of a Batman mask, cape, only undies, and socks. It's cute!
And the other night the kids were supposed to be in bed. I was doing the dishes and Tristan came out saying that Sadie wasn't in her bed. So I put on my loud, mean mom voice and yelled,"she better be in bed by the time I get to three! 1....2....3!" and normally she will run out of her hiding spot laughing and dodging me as she runs to her bed. So when I got to three and she didn't come out of where she was, I got mad. I looked everywhere for her and as i searched and searched I progressed from mad to scared. I checked all the doors... locked. Checked her window... closed and locked. And as I moved to my room, which I had already looked in I swear, there she was. On the far side of my bed asleep on the floor. If she hadn't been so cute asleep, I would have spanked her. :)
First and only track meet!!!
Once every year, Cayden's school, West Navarre Primary, and Holley-Navarre Primary get together and have a track meet and Cayden was selected to compete. They choose kids based on how they perform at P.E. and their attitude. Cayden was so excited that the morning of the meet, he woke up, got fully dressed, brushed his teeth, made his snack, ate breakfast, and while he was banging around in the kitchen making his packed lunch we realized it was 6:00 in the MORNING!!! He didn't even need to wake up for another hour and 15 mins.
Here we are at the track meet. They had just gotten there and were waiting to get called to line up.
They had 3 races. The 50, 100, and 200 yard races.
Second place in the 50.
2nd place in the 100
Tired after the first two races.
And last place on the 200. He was just too tired. Poor kid isn't a distance runner.
Cayden and Riley. The two kids selected from Ms. Branch's class. Cayden has great hair. Love it.
Next, on to sit-ups. Cayden didn't do too bad at these. They did pull-ups after this and Cayden only did two and dropped before I could even pull the camera up to take a picture. ha ha
Last were the relay races.

Good job Cayden with all you've done lately. We are proud of you.