Monday, January 19, 2009

Sleepin T and Tramp fun

Just a cute picture of my baby sleepin. He loves that giraffe.
While Tristan was sleepin, Sadie and Cayden were having a blast out on the trampoline. Here they are showing their best Matrix moves.
Sadie, I hate to say it... but, this picture isn't very cute. But it's good for a laugh.
Cayden... always dependable to deliver a good picture. Love that kid.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Christmas

We had a great Christmas. The kids got everything they asked for and also got a trampoline. Which, by the way, is the best purchase we have ever made. They have been on it every waking moment since Christmas Day.

Christmas Sunday

I love holidays for the simple fact that we get to dress the kids up just a little bit more than we usually would on Sunday. We go buy Sadie a new dress and the boys wear their Christmas ties. I love it.
My handsome baby, T.
I love Sadie's pose here.
And the ever messy, Cayden. I love his style.
And some fun group pics:

Cayden.... okay...
Poor Tristan
I love Sadie in this one.

Seeing Santa

This year we saw Santa at The Bass Pro Shop. Redneck, I know. But we went there to let the kids look at their HUGE fish tank while we were at the Commons and they had a really cute Santa setup. So we let the kids see Santa there.
Tristan asked for a candy cane and some capes.
Cayden asked for a Batman Laptop.
Sadie for a "Muffin Maker" (Cupcake Decorator thing)
And after we saw Santa, Cayden was super excited to hop over to their shooting range.

Legos and Tristan

A very rare moment. Cayden and Sadie actually playing nicely together. Cayden was sitting on the kitchen table building a Lego house and Sadie joined in.

And some Tristan funnies:

Yes, He is always this strange.
(He was asking why he couldn't pull the ornaments off the Tree at The Outlets in Destin.)