Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Travel Ball

Cayden is playing on the travel team for Tiger Point.

Easter Weekend

Allison and her family came in town Easter weekend before they moved to Hawaii. It was so great seeing them and the kids had sooo much fun. We celebrated Raelyn's b'day on Friday night, Cayden's baptism on Saturday, and Easter on Sunday.
Handsome Cayden


Raelyn and Brinlee

Leslie and Blake
Easter morning. The kids all woke up early and got into their easter baskets before the grown ups were awake. Sneaky little kids.

Tristan loved his power ranger.
Sadie checkin out her loot.
Cayden seeing which new books he got.
Rae, Sadie, and Brin in their new dresses from the Easter Bunny.
Later that day family came to Panama City from Tallahassee. It was great to see everyone.
Hunting for Easter Eggs

T musta got some good stuff.

Brin looks soooo serious.
Playin in (mostly around) the pool. It was still pretty cold.
See? T was cold.
Allison rented this awesome jumpy thing for Rae's B'day that you hooked a hose to for a water slide. The kids had sooooo much fun. I think we will have to rent one of these every time we go to my mom's. They were out there morning to night.


This is Sam, our new Cocker Spaniel puppy. Well, he was new a couple months ago. Normally I am a fan of Pound Puppies, but when I saw him in the pet store, my heart turned to mush. Those furry paws, his floppy, wavy ears, his freckles, and those adorable eyes that droop just enough to be the cutest eyes ever.

This picture cracks me up. I love it.

Baseball Opening Day

Ok. So my blog is super behind. Time to play a little catch up.

All three of our kids are playing baseball/T-ball this spring. Opening day was an extremely LONG day. But it was fun. Cayden and Tristan love playing... Sadie just not as much as the boys. :)

This is Cayden's team, The Reds. It's really fun to watch his games.

This is Sadie's team that Tim's work sponsored. They are the Pirates. Sadie is one of 2 girls on the team. Go Sadie!!!!
Gosh! She's so cute!

Toothless Sadie Jackson
Her pants really aren't pulled up as high as they look, I promise.
She was so cold... and bored. Poor baby.
This is Tristan's T-Ball team, the Black Tigers. It is so funny to watch their games. There is lots of playing in the dirt, twirling, jumping, and fighting over the ball. Cute!
He melts my heart.

Stupid kid, he ruined my picture. Tristan still looks cute though.She almost ruined it, but she's so cute that it's ok. And plus, Yoda... I mean, Tristan looks hilarious anyway.
Hit that ball, T!
Gimme 5, Tristan.